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Café de Varenne - Paris

I am in love with the French cafes. I can go from one to the other all day long and marvel at the atmosphere, the kind of people, the discussions that are held between young and old, the presentation and taste of the coffee, the fondant au chocolat, the plates of cheese and charcuterie and the small wine glass in which wine tastes even better than usual.

And every now and then my nose is tickled by that unmistakable smell of Gitanes cigarettes .. Ah Paris!

I enjoy the sincere attention that the garçon gives me and the chat he makes with me, the outfit they wear with the typical French long apron. Long live the laptop with good batteries .. I can keep it up on such a terrace of my favorite cafe de Varenne!

A café is a place where drinks and light meals are served. The synonyms vary according to the cultural anchorage of their audience or their geographic location: bar, bistro, troquet, estaminet, etc. In many cultures, coffee has an essential function as a place for collective gathering or individual relaxation. We go there for a light meal, to meet people, to play board games, to attend public conferences, to read or write.

Café de Varenne 36, rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris


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