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Le Béguin des mets - Paris

A hidden gem in St Germain!

I have worked in St. Germain des Près for many years and I know the neighborhood inside out! At that time, the choice of restaurants, brasseries and cafes was already countless and continued to develop. Although the foreign culinary influences gradually started to seep through the French menus, the basis always remained French. It was a true voyage of discovery for me! We are now 25 years later and my favorite restaurants from then still exist. During a work trip I was walking through my old neighborhood and came across this new restaurant for me. Many of this type of typical French-looking restaurant will immediately attract you, but it is always the question whether the quality is good. Unfortunately, I've had those experiences before, especially in neighborhoods that are attractive to tourists. A look at the menu made me decide to try it. This is another one of those gems that will be on my list of favorites.

This restaurant embodies bistronomic cuisine, giving pride of place to the products of the market and the influences of French cuisine and elsewhere. A great place inspired by conviviality, fantasy and taste. Not to mention a selection of wines full of surprises and favorites.

18 Rue Guisarde

75006 Paris



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