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Le Dépôt Légal - Paris

Located in the heart of Paris and a stone's throw from the Palais Royal, Le Dépôt Légal of famous pastry chef Christophe Adam bears this name to recall its historical past which makes up the richness of Parisian cultural heritage. The building belongs to the INHA (National Institute of Art History). Originally, this is where the books passed for "legal deposit" to be affixed before they were transferred to the BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France), located just across the street.

Christophe wanted to make it a place of life where good products are "stored" and sold at their fair price, their "legal" price. This is where he can put his creativity in savory dishes, a playground that he particularly likes.

He has always loved groceries, savory dishes, simple and 'straight forward' recipes. With the opening of Le Dépôt Légal in 2017, he felt he had put everything he had learned for 30 years - whether at Le Crillon, at Fauchon or with the development of his Pastry baby 'L'Éclair de Génie since 2012 (original pastry concept in the Marais district of Paris, where the star product is the éclair in numerous and original flavors.) - to finally reveal himself completely.

At Le Dépôt Légal, he offers what he likes to eat and drink himself and this in a place that speaks to him. What has always motivated him on a daily basis in his job: to please people so that they feel good!

And it is absolutely true! I know Christophe for a couple of years now and worked with him on several occassions. At each time that I come here it is always a convivial and gourmet space where the menu is made of creative recipes alongside good and quality products, where the chefs express themselves and the actions shapes the pleasure of eating, drinking and tasting.

Over four key moments of the day (the happy morning, the legal lunch, the tea time and the more than legal after-party), you can discover several amazing savory and sweet dishes, revealing great quality and generous portions. A real 'Must-Go'!


Don't be late for lunch time: it is full in no time no matter the day!

You can also order and take away, but it is worth sitting at the table and being served by the nice staff.

You can also surprise your family or friends with Christophe's dishes... make them yourself by cooking from one of his beautiful and clearly explained cookbooks.

Dépôt Légal

2 rue des Petits Champs (Angle 2 rue Vivienne)

75002 Paris


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