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Le Loir dans la Théière - Paris

There are many beautiful and fun, quiet and busy neighborhoods in Paris. Yet every neighbourhood, even every cluster of streets together, has its own character.

Le Loir dans la théière is located in one of these districts called 'Le Marais' (swamp) and is without a doubt known to every Paris lover as one of Paris' main localities for many trendy restaurants, cafés, fashion houses, gayscenes and hip galleries.

Before I tell you more about this amazing cafe, I would like to share a little more background information about the history of Le Marais. Because, like every city and every neighborhood, this one also has a past!

Le Marais is a historic Parisian district (and not an administrative district), located in most of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements of Paris, on the right bank of the Seine.

The Marais is a territory very difficult to define geographically; Originally, the entire right bank of the Seine up to the foot of the Butte Montmartre, the Belleville hill and up to the future Monceau plain was a marshy region.

The swamp on site was drained at the beginning of the Middle Ages. Charles of Anjou, brother of the king, built a palace there in the thirteenth century (at the current rue de Sévigné). From the fourteenth century, the royal palace was also located in this district. Charles V moved his court to the Hôtel Saint-Pol. Under Charles VII, the court moved to the Hôtel des Tournelles and this remained so until the death of Henry II in 1559. Later, the Place des Vosges was built on that site. Many nobles also had city palaces built there. From the seventeenth century, they left Le Marais for the new Saint-Germain and Saint-Honoré districts.

During the late 18th century, the district was no longer the most fashionable district for the nobility, yet it still kept its reputation of being an aristocratic area. By that time, only minor nobles and a few more powerful nobles, such as the Prince de Soubise, lived there. The Place des Vosges remained a place for nobles to meet. The district fell into despair after the French Revolution, and was therefore abandoned by the nobility completely, and would remain so until the present day.

Le Marais became a popular and active commercial area, hosting one of Paris' main Jewish communities. At the end of the 19th century and during the first half of the 20th, the district around the rue des Rosiers, referred to as the "Pletzl", welcomed many Eastern European Jews (Ashkenazi) who reinforced the district's clothing specialization. During World War II the Jewish community was targeted by the Nazis who were occupying France. As of today the rue des Rosiers remains a major centre of the Paris Jewish community, which has made a comeback since the 1990s. Public notices announce Jewish events, bookshops specialize in Jewish books, and numerous restaurants and other outlets sell kosher food.

'The Dormouse in the teapot'

Every time I'm in Paris I pop in here for a cup of tea. OK, I admit it... and take a piece of that incredibly tasty and beautiful tarte au citron.

I thought mine was top notch (according to my kids) but this one beats it all!

There are plenty of other fresh and attractive cakes on the dessert table but every time I fall for the same!

The atmosphere there is casual. For me it's really also a place where I can sit and work with my computer for a while. I am certainly not the only one. At the table next to you you can just get a couple well into their 80s who drink wine and each sink into their own book.

How wonderful that you can do that and in a place like this!

Since 1996, Paul Boccia and his family welcome you in this unique and charming place in “The Marais” heart.

The Loir dans la théière source was the story of Alice in Wonderland. A Wall illustration is painted in the middle of this mid-flea market, mid bohemian decor restaurant. You will also see posters from expositions or musicals, mode and spectacles covering the walls of the entire restaurant.

The menu, daily and homemade cooked, combines fresh and seasonnal products. The entrees and desserts are prepared on-site. The kitchen offers a delicious blend of sweet and salty dishes.

3 rue des Rosiers

75004 Paris


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