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Le Nemrod - Paris

Their motto: "Miam-miam et Glou-glou at any time"!

Which means that it is possible to drink and eat traditional and generous dishes in this restaurant during 364 days a year.

And I confirm all of it!

You get to know a city especially well if you do most of it on foot or, if you're really too tired, take the bus.

You walk from one neighborhood into another and each neighborhood has its own character.

That's also how I did it with my parents and brother when we were in Paris for the umpteenth time. From the apartment in the Rue Championnet we left with a goal and we walked there (although as little children with tired feet we sometimes took the metro too :).

Once I lived in Paris I still did the same and during one of those walks I found this very classic Parisian bistro that I immediately fell in love with.

The waiters made me feel straight away like a "regular" and I could stay seated as long as I wanted. Not once did I feel like the waiters were getting pushy. Around me were many college students because the brasserie is located in the college district after all. That made the atmosphere even more animated, especially in the evening!

The longer I lived in Paris, the harder it was to pick a favorite café. Contrary to what people think, only a few people that live here will cross the city to find a nice place for a drink, or something to eat. I went to my local cafes where I knew the waiters and the staff recognized me as one of the regulars.

I mainly got to know the cafes outside my 'arrondissement' by strolling through the city on weekends with friends or through work appointments.

I like all the dishes on Le Nemrod's menu. There are the usual dishes of the Parisian bistro like the beef tartare, salmon tartare, duck, steak but also just cold cuts with salad and baguette.

However, I must be careful not to always take the same...the 'Croque Poilâne est sa petite salad', which is a version of the Croque Monsieur. If you topped it with an egg it's a Croque madame.

(Pain Poîlane is a round loaf of sourdough bread with a thick, dark, tough crust, a dark, densely-textured crumb, and a slightly-tart taste that mellows as the loaf ages and made by the famous Poilâne bakery in Paris).

Anyway, if you are walking in this neighborhood you should definitely sit here! It's around the corner from the well-known and beautiful Le Bon Marché department store in the lively arrondissement of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Le Nemrod

51, rue du Cherche-Midi

75006 Paris


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