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Le Récamier - Paris

In the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and almost invisible from the street, you will find this fantastic restaurant.

I just walked past it for a year during my afternoon breaks purely because I thought 'there was nothing to see there after all'. For me it was nothing more than an entrance to the beautifully situated and somewhat hidden apartments.

Until one day I saw a typical French waiter (you know, the garcon: white starched shirt, black long apron and black trousers) walking down the street. What was he looking for there? Smoking a cigarette without being seen? Bring his girl a kiss? No, I really needed to know now.

I followed the boy closely and to my great surprise a beautiful terrace unfolded before my eyes. Soft talk and tinkling of glass and cutlery echoed between the tall old buildings. The smell of delicious food twisted my nose. Well, I never thought of this! In the back of that small street a real restaurant, behind it even a small park with some benches and a stream that flowed through some small rocks. unbelievable!

The appearance of the restaurant fits exactly with the story of Madame Récamier behind it.

I recommend everyone to eat here the perfect Soufflé that the chef, Gérard Idoux, is known for.

The elegance of Madame Récamier's salon lives on in this amazing restaurant...

Juliette Récamier was an iconic woman of letters, described by writer and critic Sainte-Beuve as a "gentle genius". Famed across Europe for her beauty and intelligence, she was one of the most admired women of her time.

Leading figures from the political, intellectual, and artistic worlds flocked to her salon, which was celebrated for its lively discussion and debate.

Madame Récamier brought a new spirit to her times, expressed in her refined and delicate touch.

Today, her spirit is still alive, accentuating the cuisine of our globally renowned chef Gérard Idoux and inspiring the conversation of literary, cultural, and political figures who dine here.

Le Récamier

4 Rue Juliette Récamier,

75007 Paris


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