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Au chat bleu Le Touquet - France

We got married in the middle of the corona time and were lucky that we could celebrate this with 30 guests before the entire country went into lock down again.

Immediately after the wedding we raced to France where we ended up in a rural hotel near Touquet Plage.

We filled the days with a lot of walking, visiting cities and eating.

You simply can't resist those French restaurants and cafes. We always ordered our kir au vin blanc and I let Erik discover the best French dishes and also my favorites .. Salad au chèvre chaud, Blanquette de veau, Foie gras avec ses toast, Croque Monsieur, Cassoulet, Confit de canard, Tarte tatin , Fondant au chocolat, Île flottante, Mousse au chocolat, Crème brulée ... and we're not done discovering yet!

To relax we walked through the towns and came across this cute and very attractive chocolat shop. After a copious lunch we were no longer hungry and that was a good thing!

Behind its pretty storefront where blue cats sit proudly in the window, the Chat Bleu chocolate factory will delight the taste buds of adults and children. Installed since 1912 in Le Touquet, Le Chat Bleu is the chocolate factory to visit.

Among the house specialties, you can taste the famous Chat Bleu (a dark chocolate garnished with a praline mousse between 2 nougatine sheets) or else the Souris (a milk chocolate filled with a flaky praline).

Its many candy rays will also remind you of your childhood, with its frizzi-pazzi, its bubbles in a tube or its candy necklaces and its zan sticks (the famous licorice sticks). So if you go through Le Touquet, don't sulk your pleasure!


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