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Bon Bon - Brussels

« I dream up my recipes by bringing ideas together and drawing on the vicissitudes of life, playing with all the permutations and turning them upside down… »

- Christophe Hardiquest

Located beyond the city centre of Brussels, this sophisticated restaurant offers innovative dishes with a difference. The well-known chef, Christophe Hardiquest has worked in many of Brussels’ top restaurants. The menu changes regularly offering new and surprising dishes which come from the freshest ingredients and flavours, influenced by the Mediterranean. The meat and fish dishes are especially delicious, complemented by a unique side order.

His kitchen is a place in which chef Christophe Hardiquest, with the delightful complicity of his team, acts as a conductor playing in plain sight of all. The kitchen opens onto the dining room, offering a discreet and unique ballet, a converging of synergies between creation and tasting.

And in the garden, an outdoor dining area where glasses chime and the air is rich with the scent of aromatic plants in the summer air.

I got to know Christophe through Benoit, a good friend of mine who worked as a Maître at Pierre Gagnaire's Paris-based restaurant. During one of my visits he told me in a mysterious way that he was going to take on a new challenge and that in Brussels! I could guess what I wanted but that he started working for Christophe Hardiquest was a real nice surprise!

Christophe is known as a very good, dynamic, passionate and sincere chef and I experienced that during an event in Portugal where I invited him as guest chef. This man is connected from head to toe with everything that has to do with gastronomy! The enthusiasm with which he talks to his chief colleagues and the way he throws himself fully into the matter is contagious. In his restaurant there is a nice mix of calm, control and a touch of humor. The person responsible for that is Benoit. With his friendly appearance, enthusiasm and great knowledge, his presence at the table is a great pleasure. He knows better than anyone how to stimulate and enthuse his team so that you feel like you are in a warm bath!

From start to finish a party that I would like to experience again!

Restaurant Bon-Bon

Avenue de Tervueren 453

B-1150 Bruxelles


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