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Tea Garden 'Ik & mijn moeder' - Enschede

'Tea for two, and two for tea, Me for you, and you for me.'

Today not many of us have (or take) the time to go for a short stroll, ride, or punt trip away, so it's become the preserve of special occasions - birthdays, Mother's Day, or just a relaxed Saturday afternoon.

Once settled down in a spot like this, I feel some kind of thought-provoking calmness coming over me. Just simply enjoying the genteel setting, delight in your own thoughts, marvel at nature and fully enjoy the afternoon tea.

In most of them you can sit half-inside and half-outside, with blankets and heaters for cooler days and protection from the rain.

You can find some truly great culinary spots as far from the city as possible; in some cases, they're in the middle of nowhere.

I discovered ‘Ik & mijn moeder’, a lovely Tea garden in a parc called Wooldrikspark, which is right at the border of a city called Enschede.

The Garden is located in an old coach house.

Despite the heart of the city, it is surrounded by greenery.

With nice weather, you can sit in the beautiful, flower-filled garden around the coach house.

There are several nice spots to sit and each is different. Bistro chairs, long tables and sofas and lounge corners with cushions ... they are all beautiful! During the summer months you can order a filled picnic basket for the park.

Their afternoon high tea is a fragrant delight with treats such as fudge, brownie, their famous white Toblerone cake or delicious Carrot cake, quiche Lorraine, caramelized onion on a savory biscuit, warm crostini with goat cheese, scone with clotted cream, fruit jam and lemon curd..

Definitely worthwhile to take the time and jump in the car with the kids, friends or family for a lovely moment with delicious food & drinks at 'Me & my Mum' !

I recommend you to book your table during summertime.

Ik & mijn moeder

Gronausestraat 12 7533 BN Enschede

The Netherlands


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