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The Noordermarkt in Amsterdam - The Netherlands

The Noordermarkt is the first Organic Farmers Market in the Netherlands, founded in 1987.

They are a group of 30 entrepreneurs, producers and traders from all over the Netherlands. The Biologische Noordermarkt association strives to be a market producer as much as possible, meaning that a large portion of the vendors are selling products produced from their own farm.

Every Saturday from 9 am until 4 pm, rain or shine, they are at the Noordermarkt ready to sell fresh organic vegetables, fruit, bread, cheese, mushrooms, herbs, meat, fish, honey, flowers and other delicious foods.

On the other side of the square you will find the antique market and the best apple pie in Amsterdam can be tasted at the nearby Winkel cafe along with other great restaurants in the area.

Besides wanting to share the importance of organic food, they also want to share information about the production of their food.

The short line between producer and consumer brings the origin of the food closer to the person who eats it. Consumers can ask the vendors questions about the production, origin, growing conditions, seasonal info, etc., and vice versa - the vendors can ask consumers for feedback on

their products.

De Jordaan

1015 MD Amsterdam


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