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Raised in The Netherlands, Lise lives and works in France. Having started her career in marketing & communications, she followed her passion for gastronomy and made the French culinary world her second home. After France, the rest of the world followed.


Acclaimed for her professionalism and great personal values, Lise has, over the years, established friendships with hundreds of chefs around the world. She has a broad experience of organising events and her expertise lies with her ability to match her clients’ expectations with her chefs’ aspirations.


Lise is a mother and a cook, a recipe creator, an author, a food writer, a culinary critic, a judge and a consultant.

Pierre Gagnaire, the famous French 3 Michelin starred chef, recently said about her:

“I recommend Lise without hesitation.

The events she organised for us were always of a very high quality.

Her sense of detail is precious as it allows us to come as close as possible to the expectations of her clients. Furthermore, she always strives to ensure each event is an experience for all who take part.”

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