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Alan Geaam - Paris

In the wake of the Lebanese Civil war, Alan Geaam fled to Paris, sleeping on park benches and washing dishes. 20 years later, he opened an eponymous restaurant baring not only his name, but a Michelin Star.

I know Alan for several years. I came into contact with him through my Lebanese friend Joe Barza and since then we have been good friends and where possible we do culinary events all over the world together. I got to know Alan as an honest, humble and friendly man who lives his life full of devotion on both a professional and a personal level.

Alan has a story. An impressive story that you could only see in a movie.

It is too long long to write down here but it's really worth reading: Read more info about Alan

Alan Geaam is a chef with a unique background. He did not study in the kitchens of any great gastronomic chef: he knows them for the most part through their books or the press. Passionate about cooking for a long time and driven by the desire to share, this self-taught man has spent 20 years learning, understanding, enriching himself and finally finding "his" culinary identity. The love of cooking and pugnacity, in the land of gastronomy, always pays off. Alan Geaam now owns two restaurants in Paris. The Auberge Nicolas Flamel offers modernized traditional French cuisine; while the youngest, "Alan Geaam", becomes the meeting place for high gastronomy.

Restaurant Alan Geaam

The cuisine of Alan is elegant and creative. He ombines the French gastronomy he cherishes, with sweet notes of his beautiful Lebanon.

The room is intimate and soberly decorated, the sofas have been made to measure, the style is uncluttered and the art of the table particularly neat. The spirit of the place meets the spirit of man: elegance, tranquility and simplicity.

19 rue Lauriston,

75016 Paris


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