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Bicicletta - Tel Aviv

During a work trip to Israel (Jerusalem) where I had to give a lecture together with former star chef Ruud Wunneberg about the past traditional kitchen styles, the contemporary and the future cuisine, we ended up in Tel Aviv in this open-air restaurant called Bicicletta in the Yafo neighborhood. It was so good that we returned to it the following evening!

The tiredness of all the impressions of the last days disappeared like snow in the sun. What an atmosphere, what a variety of colors and scents, what great music and what a fantastic staff! We were pampered and just kept ordering these fantastisc dishes full of fresh and delicious ingredients that came straight from the nearby Carmel Market.

This market (the Shuk Hacarmel) that dates back to 1920, is the largest market, or shuk, in Tel Aviv. It’s a vibrant marketplace where traders sell everything from clothing to spices, and fruit to electronics. Visiting the Carmel Market is a fascinating thing to do in Tel Aviv. The hustle and bustle, vibrant noises, and its reputation as the largest shuk in Tel Aviv all combine to make the Carmel Market a favorite.

Its narrow street is busy whenever you visit, particularly before Shabbat on Thursdays and Fridays, as residents buy supplies for their family meals. Recent years have seen a growing number of boutique stalls and food places opening alongside the traditional traders. They range from boutique beers to arrays of halva, and small eateries who take advantage of the market’s produce.

We agreed that this local food bar ensured a simple and real Tel Aviv atmosphere. Later in the evening, the amobiance became darker and sexier. Local DJs, a long bar and music enveloped the whole experience in magical colors. The two spaces complemented each other and gave an overall experience of a place of entertainment in the heart of the city.


Nahalat Binyamin 29,

Tel Aviv-Yafo



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