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Bistrot des Halles - Paris

Le Bistrot des Halles, a fundamental stopover for the mind ...

Just arrived in Paris?

Run to the Bistrot des Halles: everything is there as before: no chic and sanitized decor, subdued lights but a beautiful counter, simple chairs, a faux leather bench and green and white checkered tablecloths.

This business run by an exceptional character of the district, Vincent Limouzin, contrary to what one might think, is not from Limousin, but from another beautiful region of France, the Vendée.

Its cuisine and its wines are just like him, everything is good and generous.

'La Nouvelle Cuisine' is not his thing, but that in no way detracts from the quality of the dishes that are served on the plate, accompanied by some wonderful wines. The cold cuts and cheeses are to die for. A very nice selection of wines, a la carte dishes that are all equally tasty. Vincent knows how to treat his customers, he is very fanatic to find the best wines and the hidden gems at affordable prices to accompany a prime rib or other delicious dishes. The best is to go there to realize it ...

To conclude:

A typical French bistro, without frills in the dishes, interior and service.

Everything is true, on the plate, in the glass, in the smiles, and in the dining room.

There are only fresh and excellent dishes, a fair preparation, varied wines and by the glass, warm and efficient service and welcome.

A simple and traditional Parisian bistro cuisine, produced by enthusiasts who have chosen and love this cuisine, as well as this place, a real bistro in its own juice (and not a new decor that wants to make "bistro style").

Le Bistrot des Halles

15 Rue des Halles

75001 Paris


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