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Chez Julien - Paris

"Je voudrais un café noisette, s'il vous plait."

This restaurant is one of my favorite. when I lived in Paris I came here at least 2 times a week! I planned my appointments here on purpose, for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

I also like to sit here alone and enjoy the view. You are attracted by the architecture and on the other hand you can't resist scanning every passerby :).

In the early morning I started with a noisette. (A "cafe noisette" consists of one espresso shot with a dash of milk. The name refers to the hazelnut color that you get, which in French translates to “noisette”. This is the French equivalent of an Italian “macchiato”.)

Time flies when you're sitting there and before you know it you're sipping a glass of Sancerre and not much later a dish of smoked salmon. A little later and a bit wacky in the head, it is suddenly so late that it no longer makes sense to do anything serious anymore.

Or better: I often didn't feel like it anymore!

Well, never mind, let's get that strawberry dessert and ..." Un dernier petit café noisette, s'il vous plait."

Un lieu de vie à la française

With its 1900 décor revisited by the very Parisian Gérard Cholot, Chez Julien is the "chic bistro" by definition...

A warm and intimate candlelit atmosphere, accented by lilac walls, spotted mirrors and a beautiful painted ceiling - the last vestige of the 19th century bakery that the place was. In this “Belle Époque” setting, you enjoy authentic French cooking, a combination of the best ingredients of the season and a passion for the culinary influences of the region.

On sunny days, you enjoy the gentle Parisian sun on the charming terrace while admiring the pedestrian streets and the view of Île Saint-Louis...

1, rue du Pont Louis-Philippe

75004 Paris


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