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Costa Pacifico - Barcelona

At first you wonder if you are walking in the right neighborhood. Many telephone and tattoo shops in very narrow and long streets that together form a labyrinth that you do not want to get lost in. And then suddenly you are on a cute square with plane trees and with mainly many Spanish families with children and dogs at the tables on the many terraces!

Fortunately, there is still 1 table available at Costa Pacifico, a Mexican-oriented restaurant with mega fresh tapas that all look delicious.

I totally recommend their cheviche, the real tacos (no, not the ones from the supermarket that are thrown into baskets) with real homemade guacamole, ceviche and tasty (flat) tacos with tuna.

They also have spicy mussels with coconut milk on the menu which looked very tasty and fresh.

Worth to try, both inside and outside looks attractive and clean.

PS: the staff is really really friendly and know how to explain everything.

Plaça de Sant Agustí Vell, 13

08003 Barcelona


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