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Dallal - Tel Aviv

Dallal offers a classic European kitchen with Mediterranean influences, using top notch seasonal ingredients.

Nestled in one of the nicest, arty and authentic districts of Tel Aviv called Neve Tzedek, this very cozy restaurant offers a rather interesting gourmet creative cuisine.

Upon entering, the air is fragrant with the scent of jasmine. You have the choice of outdoor tables in a setting that is refined and with charming and dedicated staff.

The word “Dallal” has several meanings in Arabic, amongst others, prosperity, indulgence and a meeting place whose focal point is good food. All of these elements reflect the essence of Dallal.

On the menu you can find the finest dishes as the Summer Salad with Home-Made Nutty Vinaigrette

(Red & green endive, arugula, cucumber, green beans, chili, mint & coriander, seasonal fruit & blue cheese), the Roasted Artichokes (Tomato vinaigrette, chimichurri, parmesan cream & shaving) or the Fish Shawarma (Grilled fish on hummus cream, onion & sumac with green herbs & coriander).

It's a must-have place to eat! In addition to the restaurant, they also have Café Dallal, Chez Dallal and The Bakery. All really worth a visit!

Shabazi 10

Tel Aviv


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