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La Colmena - Barcelona

While strolling through the many interesting neighborhoods of Barcelona I come across this beautiful patisserie. Time has stood still here and that is exactly what attracts me. And I'm not the only one because there's a long line out the door!

Usually I walk away, looking for something more authentic, but on the other hand I think there is of course a line like this: the quality will be super good.

When it's my turn I don't know what to take; everything looks delicious!

I go for the meringue. I love that. But this one.... beats everything! A mild and not too sweet taste, crispy on the outside and soft and 'tight' on the inside.

However, it is so big that it took me the rest of the day to enjoy it!

La Colmena is a pastry shop founded in 1849. It is located in Plaça de l'Àngel, in the heart of the historic city center. Its specialties are artisanal sweets and cakes typical of traditional Catalan pastry. This establishment is one of the oldest pastry shops in Barcelona. It offers a wide variety of pastries, typical cakes made during the Catalan festivities, pastries of all kinds, nougats and chocolates. Over the years, the pastry shop has managed to maintain the more traditional original flavors of Catalan pastry making and still markets some of its most remarkable specialties, such as artisanal sweets, bolados or crème brûlée nougat.

Plaça de l'Àngel, 12

08002 Barcelona


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