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Seafarm - Kamperland

The best, freshest and most sustainable quality shellfish and turbot that has been diluted in Oosterschelde spring water. Salty and pure!

I have been working for Seafarm for a few months now.

I had never heard of the company and certainly not that they have a restaurant too!

Seafarm is located in Kamperland, in the Dutch region of Zeeland, right at the foot of the storm surge barrier. It is a beautiful place with a wide view, lots of fresh air and beautiful skies.


Adri and Dave Bout, founder and owners of Seafarm, come from a real fishing family.

They realize that sea fishing is not infinite. Imbalance between nature and sea fishing results in increasingly strict regulations and in 1993 Adri decides to approach it completely differently. He starts a fish farm with a few partners. In addition, Seafarm is investigating in 1996 whether profitable fishing and processing of razsorclams is possible.

Nowadays Seafarm fishes, processes and exports razorclams and other shellfish and is specialized in the cultivation of turbot and oysters. Seafarm is also a supplier of many types of living shellfish, such as cockles, winkles, vongole and whelks.

The salty and pure spring water at Seafarm's disposal is used to be able to supply various crustaceans and shellfish with a unique quality, which can be tasted in the restaurant next to the company.

In 2014, the range expanded and oysters were added. These oysters are not only purified in the spring water, but also refined with high quality algae.

The balance with nature is crucial in the entire catch and processing process. This process already starts in the logistics chain, because fishing is only done on order.

The restaurant

I was not only impressed by the company and the philosophy behind it (and certainly after an extensive tour because you can do that too) but also by the quality of the food and the beautiful menu that is adjusted per season.

It is that I am allergic to Fruits de Mer but these dishes made me very happy! Dutch gray shrimps, smoked salmon with piccalilli and pickles, shrimp croquettes, turbot fillet from their own nursery, Fish & Chips and of course the Zeeland mussels (which I can't eat but they look so good and smell so delicious).

Bas and Michel, the two chefs of the restaurant, were in the kitchen and, of course, I'll had to go check it out. The knowledge that both have of everything that comes from the sea and can be eaten is enormous. By now I know for example all about lobsters and crabs! Right in front of the kitchen are large containers filled with seawater with in it these beautiful animals and by looking at them closely and listening to the story of the chefs, it stays better in my head!

The most beautiful thing I've seen in terms of dish is the huge and extensive platter of Fruits de Mer that is served with homemade fries, warm bread and mayonnaise.

The guests at the table are genuinely surprised when it is put on the table and there is no longer any room for other things to put.

I worked in the restaurant for a few days during the annual Fruits de Mer event and I was therefore able to see all those beaming faces and, after the meal, the remains on the table and the ground! the 16th and 17th centuries this was quite normal and a sign that the guests had liked it.

I'm glad I have to go there regularly because it's a real joy to work for and with them.

Jacobahaven 4

NL-4493 ML Kamperland


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