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Yam'Tcha - Paris

“Now I can feel that a cuisine reflects what you have inside of you. It’s an expression of your inner life.

I had never heard of Yam'Tcha before. A few years ago I passed it by chance and was drawn to the menu. That was quite an interesting one.

I needed to know more about that.

I pushed the door and to my delight it is not locked! To my even greater joy I am welcomed by an old acquaintance, Yoann Grégory, the former Maitre of the French 3 Michelin star chef Emmanuel Renaut of Restaurant Flocons de Sel in Mégève.

In no time we were sitting at the table with a glass of champagne and Adeline!

It was like a warm bath.

The next day I sat together with former Michelin star chef Ruud Wunneberg at one of the most interesting lunches in ages. It was a party. But inside we were still, impressed and at the end especially a bit 'empty' because of all the impressions we got.

The interior has been completely adapted to that experience because everything is in soft colours, with beautiful details of natural woods and with tableware that does not distract attention from what is on the plate. Everything is based on the menu. The rest almost fades into a kind of culinary symbiosis.

Originally the name Yam' Tcha comes from Yum Cha meaning 'taste small steamed dishes while drinking tea'.

Chef Adeline Grattard was born and raised near Dijon (France), but has always had a particular love for China and Chinese cuisine. For a couple of years she worked at Restaurant Astrance (**) in Paris before setting her sights on China. Despite not knowing Cantonese, she moved to Hong Kong to learn all about the traditional Cantonese cooking. Her husband, Chi Wah joined her later on, and they spent several years in Hong Kong together.

In 2009, they returned to Paris to open their own restaurant where the menu is a beautiful mix of French and Chinese cuisines and dishes are combined not only with wines, but with tea.

Her husband Chi Wah Chan has developed into a tea expert and selects the different types of tea.

Yam'Tcha was originally located in Rue Sauval. There it quickly became too small and the restaurant moved to a new and larger location just around the corner. the old restaurant is transformed into the "Boutique Yam'Tcha". There you can buy delicious small Chinese brioches and of course everything that has to do with tea!

Originally the name Yam' Tcha comes from Yum Cha meaning 'taste small steamed dishes while drinking tea' (déguster des petits plats vapeurs en buvant du thé'.)

It was almost logical that the critics immediately fell in love with her unique French-Chinese fusion cuisine. Soon afterwards, Yam ‘Tcha received a Michelin Star.

This fusion of cultures is not only the vision of chef Adeline Grattard, but also her life.

The most amazing about Adeline is that she really cooks by intuition and is a genius when it comes to flavors. There are no recipes, nothing is written down and every day the dishes may be different.

Because the kitchen is open, we see her cook the most beautiful and simple dishes. Chinese food has never tasted so refined.

Convinced? Book in advance because the question is more 'when do you still have room' than 'is there still room'.

121, Rue Saint Honoré

75001 Paris


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