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Qasti - Paris

Alan Geaam: « Alchimiste des saveurs »,

Qasti is not only a bistro where you can enjoy sincere Lebanese cuisine, but it is also a place where you discover that Lebanese cuisine can be modern and current.

Already at the head of his eponymous and Michelin starred restaurant called "Alan Geaam", Alan has chosen to open his bistro called Qasti ( meaning “my story” in Lebanese) in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Here, you can discover all the diversity of Lebanese cuisine through his dishes ranging from mezzes to salads, stews or spicy grills. A so-called "experience" cuisine entirely shaped by hands but also with the heart.

On the menu you can find the essential mezzes to share: chausson feta/mint , Jerusalem artichoke caviar, octopus with pomegranate molasses, vine leaf with langoustine, meat samosa or hummus / hazelnut, mini casserole of makanek and smoked eel falafel for example.

Also possible is to take a simple and seasonal menu with 4 dishes to choose from, followed by delicacies, also to share. It is important to cook with only seasonal products, from responsible producers or sustainable fishing. And anti-waste is essential, as as many products as possible are recycled or put to good use.

For Alan it is a real homecoming of which he is proud to introduce the French and Parisians to the Lebanese cuisine that rocked my childhood. It is an original cuisine, rocked by personal influences, served with all the codes of a French bistro.


205, rue Saint Martin

75003 Paris


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